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BCR Issues Alert Over Phony Emails

The Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) said it has found an increase in fraudulent email messages that are designed to get your private information, including access to your online account.

The email arrives looking official. Usually it warns of a security problem or an urgent need to access your account using the link provided.

The text portion of the link looks official, directing the user to the bank’s website. But, in reality the page served up is not the banks and contains a script that will record your log information and other private information that is then used by to fraudulently access your account

Kattia Morales, corporate relations manager at the BCR, did not offer details of how many people have been affected so far by this type of ruse.

The official website of the BCR is www.bancobcr.com. DO NOT RESPOND OR — USE A LINK FROM AN EMAIL to access your account. EVEN if you are 100% it came from the bank!

Always access your BCR or any other online bank account typing in the address line or from your bookmarks or cache.

PLEASE NOTE that is you saved the phony link or had clicked on it, your bookmark and cache will retain the false website. Clear out your cache (on Firefox click on Tools > Clear Recent History) and check the bookmark link.