Crowds react to the attempted robbery of a foreigner by 3 men

Q COSTA RICA NEWS – New Year’s Day in Manuel Antonio, Quepos was not your usual day at the beach, the crowd immediately reacting to the attempted robbery of a foreigner by three men

The crowds at the Central Pacific beach, realizing what had just happened, detained the suspects, practically destroyed their get-a-away vehicle, while waiting for police to arrive.

The crowd detained the suspects until police arrived

According to information provided by Carlos Hidalgo, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Security, the Tourist Police report said the three men attempted to hold up the foreign, who did not want to file a complaint, since the thieves weren’t able to take anything from him.

A spokesperson for the Ministerio Public said the “civil arrest” was valid

“We have three people being investigated, but no crime was committed,” said Hidalgo, referring to the foreigner’s refusal to file a complaint.

Hidalgo added that the detention of the suspects by the crowd is typified as a “civil arrest” under the Criminal Code and perfectly valid.


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