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Bill Seeks Bus And Truck Exhausts Up Top

A bill introduced by José María Villalta of the Frente Amplio party seeks that all buses and trucks have their exhaust going out the top of the vehicle, to eliminate the smoke released directly to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

If you live or have visited San José, without a question you have been “smoked” by a bus or truck, as the soot is in your face and nostrils with each acceleration.

Well, Villalta is saying “enough of that” and is seeking the support of his fellow lawmakers to regulate exhaust systems on all public and private buses and trucks.

According to Villalta, the benefit is for people not have to inhale the gases discarded by such vehicles. The legislators realizes the move will not reduce pollution, but will benefit the quality of life of people.

The bill, presented on February 7, states “that the vehicles shall have a vertical exhaust emission at the highest point of the vehicle, either back or front”.

The bill would only apply to diesel powered vehicles.