Inside Multiplaza Escazú Friday.
Inside Multiplaza Escazú Friday.  The mall is typically empty weekdays.
Camping out in Zapote, braving the cold, wind and rain for Black Friday deals

COSTA RICA NEWS — In a few short years Costa Rican consumers have fully embraced Black Friday, lining up to 24 hours to take advantage of deals.

In Zapote, consumers camped out in front of the Casa Blanca, at Monge the lines were blocks long.

Flat screens are the big hit this Black Friday, like the ¢400.000 screen selling today for ¢100.000 at Sony store in Multiplaza Escazú. A number of consumers lined since early Thursday morning not to miss out on the deal.

Similar scenarios were common at other malls and commercial centres around the San José area.

Outside Multiplaza Escazú traffic was chaotic.
Outside Multiplaza Escazú traffic was chaotic.

Visiting retails shops were also officials of the Dirección General de Tributación (taxation department) of the Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry fo Finance), with the goal to prevent sale of contraband merchandise, including liquor and perfumes, and controls on taxes.

This unamed store was closed by the taxman for irregularities.
This unamed store was closed by the Tributación (taxman) for irregularities.


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