Our very own, Jen Seymor has published her book, Costa Rica Chica.  Take a look for yourself, it’s an interesting read.

From Jen:  Have you ever wanted to quit your job and retire early?  Even though you think you might be too young to do it?

Well, we did it. And in our early 40’s no less!

bookcoverIn June, 2013, my husband Greg and I broke free of the rat race in North America where bigger was better and moved from Dallas, Texas to Costa Rica. We quit our jobs, sold nearly everything and came to Costa Rica with just 9 suitcases.

Why Costa Rica?  Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out exactly why – but overall we wanted to downsize and simplify our lives, be healthier and get by on less money.  Costa Rica offered us this option, especially with affordable health care and an abundance of fruits and vegetables (and not to mention incredible sunsets and delicious coffee!). We wanted to enjoy life more, as well as each other.

See what made us consider moving to a foreign country in the first place, how we did it, and why we have no regrets!

Click here to check out my book “Costa Rica Chica” on amazon!



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