A full page ad in this morning’s print publication caught my eye, Kolbi is offering its users prizes of cellular phones, tablets and gift cards by only sending a text message.

kolbiThey make it clear, in bold lettering and red background, that the message costs ¢100 colones.

Hey, what the heck? For few colones I get two changes a week until the middle of December for a chance at a new cell phone or tablet for the holidays.

BUT, what they don’t tell you is this.

Once you send your message you get a confirmation reply. Easy enough. Intriguing is the next message, asking me to double my chances by answering the simple question, did Celine Dion sing the theme song in Titanic?

What the heck, I know this and will only cost me another ¢100 colones.

CORRECT. You now have more chances to win, answer yes or no if….

This is where I stopped. I saw this thing playing out to costing me thousands of colones. Or maybe not. I took the initial bait, but didn’t fall in…if you did or know someone who did and you/they are ready to admit it, let us know how far along this game goes.

For now, I will keep to my changes of winning for only ¢200 colones on my next phone bill.

PS. the entire promotion is in Spanish, so for all of you don’t handle the language, you are saved.

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