QCOSTARICA BLOG – Daily we read about new laws, new departments of law enforcement and new procedures used in courts to convict the guilty or set them free.

However, sometimes it is difficult to know the good guys from the bad guys. Especially for Twenty-dollars or more. Those who have taken the oath of honesty probably had their fingers crossed behind their backs. On a national level this is a given within public institutions. And let us not leave our municipalities and their amazing ability to create wealth at the expense of citizens who receive a lot of promises but little if anything in return.

This is the classic Ronald Reagan “Trickle Down” theory which is result in robbing from the rich as well as the poor, and then keeping it. There is little mercy in Paradise.

Think of this!

Out of the hundreds of arrest and amidst all the bravado of drug busts, only 20% ever see the inside of a prison. That means 80% remain free to do it again. And so they do. It is a good business, much better than opening a restaurant where the failure rate is over ninety percent.

Bringing this down to a much lower level, those who speed, those cyclist who ride and dare passing cars, the same cars who go through red lights and seem to never see the stop signs….are a reflection of society and nothing more.

They have very little to fear as law enforcement is usually absent or too damn lazy to care.

If there is no viable law enforcement, there is no law. We, as a society, do not respect law which is both inhibiting to our freedom at the danger to others, we only fear it.
Enforcement is the only answer.

If only 20% of drug busts are convicted, then how many cars “run the red light” are not cited?

There is no fear of the law.

Playas de Coco has a reported a plethora of robberies and home invasions…No  police presence until today and that is 10 tourist cops on bicycles.

Drivers, especially buses and trucks duly take advantage that once receiving the “all clear” sticker from RTV “national car inspection service”, the vehicle has passed and is now free to pollute with huge plumes of exhaust smoke, despite all too many deaths the doors remain open to cool the bus, and regardless of the law which requires those big/ass MAC trucks to put a cover over their dirt cargo in the hope of preventing damage to following vehicles….few do and the police, the transit police could not care less as dirt and stones fly through the air.

And, as demonstrated in Guanacaste during Spring Break, it is much easier to round up bicycles than cars. On the other hand car drivers are more than willing to pay the “mordita”, the bribe,

On any level, why fear law enforcement?

Observation: A friend from Italy who is a producer and director of film said, “This is the $20 country and I always carry five bills in cash. Twenty dollars can pretty much payoff all citations. Even DWF “Driving while being a foreigner.”