I Love Dairy Queen!

In Toronto (Canada) I used to love going to the Dairy Queen, they were all over. Travelling in the US hard to find a place without a DQ. Living in Costa Rica has meant living with my DQ fix or travel to Panama, the only DQ’s in all of Central America, which I did on several occasions over the years.

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While visiting Colombia I enjoyed my “Mimos”, the closest to DQ. Yes, McD has the same soft ice cream. So does KFC. And many others.

Yes, the same, but not the same.

dairyqueen-multiplaza400wDairy Queen ice cream is made from whole milk, cream, milk solids, sugar, vanilla, and a natural stabilizer. It is pasteurized and homogenized. It comes to the store in a liquid form and is pumped into the machine where it is frozen down to 18º F for serving. Dairy Queen mix contains only 5% butterfat (the same as it has been since 1940) while ice cream and frozen custard are 10% or more.

Need I to say more?

So, walking through Multiplaza Ecazú Sunday I got a treat, a Dairy Queen. OK, it’s not open yet, an plans for a July opening have been delayed, yet I could not get over the emotion of the DQ logo and the words ‘Proximamente”.

Hopefully soon I can get my DQ fix regularly and balance is restored!

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