QCOSTARICA BLOG – There is this annual event called Super Bowl which was held in Californa,February 7, 2016.

Around the world hundreds of millions of people watched the game and especially the commercials.

However few Ticos (Costa Ricans) who have no idea what is a Super Bowl turned out to vote in local elections and optioned for CBS television instead!

Yes, democracy took second place to horses, fumbles and field goals. Does that tell you how strong is the democratic society which governs our country?

Sure, many bars were packed with North Americans, U.S. football fans but the rest, the 90% rest were jammed with Ticos having lunch.

The fact is that 73+% eligible Costa Rican voters ignored democracy and either stayed home or got caught up in the Super Bow mania.

The international hyperbole leading up to the Bowl was amazing and the invitation to even watch advertisements more alluring. But what about the votes for mayors?

Elections, this most important event played second fiddle to kick off and third fiddle to nachos and beer.

Maybe in truth, other than the larger cantons, the need for a mayor is obsolete. We have no idea, specifically, what they all want and will do. Specifics are far flung and hardly understandable. Did any candidate promise our roads will be repaired; we will terminate government corruption, the people can and will see how our government functions, which contractors and what bids are being made for specific projects?

If you want people to vote, the mayoral elections must also contain issues and referendums such as canton water conservation, taxes, and environmental issues-laws, traffic rules and plans.

I remember in San Diego, Ca the same thing as CR, a low turnout for the mayoral election. However, they introduced a referendum on the ballot naming Black Beach Clothing Optional.
Results: 94% turn out!

It seems people will vote on issues + candidates but alone candidates need to think that better than 70% of all eligible voter will sit home. Frankly they are bored.

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