Why do people prefer Costa Rica as a touristic destination? I have asked this question to some foreign friends and all of them answered the same “I choose Costa Rica because of its nature”

Despite of its small geographical space, Costa Rica is one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. This amazing country offers visitors different and awesome landscapes such as: mountains, forests, rivers, beaches and volcanoes, not to mention a big variety of animals as mantled howler monkey, white-headed capuchin, the scarlet macaw, the resplendent quetzal, leatherback turtle, eyelash viper, and also some wild cats such as ocelots, pumas and margays.

I have read in some magazines that Costa Rica is a unique place to visit for its variety in flora and fauna.

In spite of been a small country, however, is impossible to see all its beauty in just one day, even in a week. That is why some tourists choose to stay living here instead of returning home, and this leaves me shocked because I realize that foreigners enjoy and appreciate more our natural wealth than we d0.

Today is quite remarkable the number of tourists that come to our country. There are more hotels, hostels and all kind of places to stay in, than there were 10 years ago, so that information makes me think that the nature of our country is giving us the opportunity to grow up in the world.

So maybe in a few years this country could become in a better place, not only to live but also to visit.

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