Look, we are a small country, one of the last to emerge from volcano eruptions forming the magnificent bridge between North and South America; yielding millions of species and flora.

And now Costa Rica has achieved “The Impossible Dream” and moved into the “Knockout Round” of the World cup. Sele has really done an admiral job, yet the hotels are complaining because they bet on CR being eliminated early and the early school break in CR would attract more customers to spend more money on a mini-vacation but that did not happen.

We are glued to television!

Not because of government failure, but because our team Sele really played hard, have some innate talent and are moving on to the fabled “Knock Out Round.” (You win or pack your bags,)

This is the World Cup! A four year global spectacular seen in person and by television by more people than both the U.S. World Series of baseball and the NBA playoffs combined.

While on television, the only thing I noticed absent are “black” faces in the audience as each ticket to any event can run up to USD$ 1,000 or more.

Soccer or futból is a wonderful sport, like basketball, born in poverty. But, both sports now require a lot of money to become a member of the fan club. In Costa Rica, I was told the infamous 500 person flight to Rio + accommodations cost more than $8,500 per person or from Colombia, almost $13,000 each.

And that is why we never seem to see black faces in the crowd. They are the poor of every nation.

The World Cup and Costa Rica level of play is a true source of pride and should be recognized; it has been recognized as something amazing and truly taken our minds off of local issues and the cost of living.

Now, if we could only translate 50% of that same enthusiastic national pride in repairing roads, hospitals, eliminating innate corruption…that would be a true victory worth hitting the streets to celebrate and I for one would be there waving the flag.

Oe, Oe, Oe..Ticos, Ticos.

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