This is a cute story from our friend Chili Tabasco, posted on his Facebook wall…

Imagine that you have the great luck to walk into BAC, get your ticket for the Customer Service Platform and see that you are next in line. Oh joy oh bliss, you will have time to do your banking and then get some lunch. Great. But it is not to be.

Right behind you is a fat guy with a limp. Behind him is a senior citizen and behind grandpa is a woman about 14 month pregnant. You wait.

The fat guy farts, then waddles over to the next available customer service representative. Grandpa nods off, the guard catches him before he hits the deck, and then escorts him to the other customer service representative.

The preggo reaches into her 6 gallon purse and pulls a 24 inch super deli combo from Subway. The first Customer Service Representative sees the sandwich, realizes it’s lunch time, gets up from her desk leaving fatso sitting there. She leaves.

The second Customer Service Rep realizes the hour, and then she gets up and leaves as well. Preggo eats the entire sandwich. Grandpa goes to sleep and fatso farts again. An hour and 45 minutes later, I got to the counter.

Nothing like being first in line.

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