QCOSTARICA BLOG – Yes, I know that I’m a Canadian, about to comment on U.S. politics, but as the U.S. likes to routinely state, that their President is the “Leader of the Free World”, I believe that I should have the right to comment about who my next “Leader” will be, at least in that context.

We can’t deny that Donald Trump has brought many issues that needed to become part of the U.S. National Dialogue to the fore-front, issues that had been hiding behind dialogue steeped with “political correctness” for a long time.

The issues of illegal immigration, combating terror and particularly ISIS, international trade with China in particular, among others, all required addressing in a plain and forthright manner, which Trump has done.

President Obama has consistently refused to use the term “Islamic Extremists”, when referring to the terrorist groups operating from the Middle East, for fear of being “politically incorrect” and offending Muslims generally, when obviously, that’s exactly what these terrorists are.

Political correctness is really just another way of telling falsehoods, about issues that require to be dealt with in a frank and unequivocal manner, issues that affect all of us living in the so-called “Free World”.

The U.S. Electorate is angry and they have a right to be angry. The Government Establishment has largely failed them. For that, I believe that we owe Donald Trump a debt of gratitude, for having the intestinal fortitude (something that it appears to be relatively easy for him to rise to the occasion of), to bring the level of dialogue necessary to truly find solutions for these important issues.

The forgoing is where my support for Mr. Trump ends. Clearly, Donald Trump is confused about the job that he is applying for as President of the United States of America and the fact that there is a distinct difference between being not “politically correct” and downright vulgarity.

Being the President is not just about “making deals” and “making America great again”, to use two of his most repeated phrases, but the position of President also requires the exhibiting of Statesman-like qualities and being a role model both domestically and internationally, for social values that all of us living in the “Free World” hold dear.

Donald Trump is, in my opinion, a vulgar man, who exhibits none of the Statesman-like qualities necessary to hold the position of President.

Can you imagine Donald Trump being in the company of the Queen of England (if they would even let him in the U.K. to be in her company), or other Heads of State? I know of no other Heads of State that act in the vulgar manner that he does. As to his being a “role model”; need I say more?
Mr. Trump, you are not Presidential material, so please go home and let the other candidates for the Republican Nomination get-on with the serious business of choosing the rightful heir to the position.

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Richard Philps
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