It was a wonderful ride with the Cinderella team and all those people who cheered, cried and vented anger showing the world we are indeed a nation of passionate people and not a group of pacifists who can’t find their way home.

“No,” no more poor me mind set! La Sele and those young people who pushed, shoved and cajoled this team are international winners.

We can be the same on many levels with the same enthusiasm, the same grit, the same pride that our Sele has displayed: against all odds.

Let the bugles blare, the cheers be loud and let us welcome home a team of soccer players that have captured the hearts and minds of the world by surprise with “guts”, determination and talent where so many thought there was little if any.

Sele is what Costa Rica desperately needs: a team effort to rectify a nation from its own ills and lack of self confidence.

Think about this!

Costa Rica’s La Sele made it to the eight level of the World Cup, not to be confused with Central America, but rather the world and those fans, around the globe have seen our spunk and our determination to be number one. “Yes,” not some travel company tour report, not some off the wall questionnaire but reality: we worked hard and we won enough to be in the final eight of the World Cup.

These players you see in the streets, they work for us, the coach is one of the four lowest paid coaches out of 32 countries yet he and they took us to international admiration, far more than some ineffective advertising and less effective politicians.

I have 300+ emails asking about Costa Rica. Some only in passing but many who want to understand our complicated, often times flawed society. But as of Saturday, the 5th day of ?July people are asking me, “What is this country of your choice, telling me?”

“No,” we will not have the massive celebration of a World Cup winner, but like hell will we suffer and not recognize the making of history as a Tico victory.

Thank you Sele!

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