QCOSTARICA BLOGS – What is Craft Beer? After a lot of reading, I have concluded nobody really knows. It is a feeling a taste usually presented by a small brewery. Costa Rica is no exception with craft or artesan beer showing up all over the country.

I have tried a few, not many because I am not a beer drinker pe say.

I am not at all a beer aficionado but I know a good taste when I have one or two, well maybe three and then taste becomes just an afterthought.

I have three friends who detest Tico traditional beer as being water with or said one, or urine with alcohol. Sadly all three returned to their home countries without ever tasting Craft Brewing Costa Rica and the other small, but high-quality breweries scattered about the country.

But then again they also hated Costa Rica in general. The usual bull, too expensive, infrastructures, corruption and the list continues.

Having lived in Europe while studying, I developed the taste, perhaps too much so, for the fine art of beer making. Here in Costa Rica I accepted the water-downed version until I came across Craft Brewing in Ciudad Colon.

The brew has one international medal after another in both quality and taste.

Me? Just taste?

I went from CR traditional to the more the full-bodied and unique taste of Craft beer.

I arrived after 4:00PM for a brew or two, and met the Four Seasons chef as well as a good look from La Planta on to the brewing room. No meals, just large appetizers with your beer of choice.

I was there to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and no green beer and I thank you God for that favor. The place was packed and the Celtic music was great. What was expected to be a quick in and out, turned into two hours and ready for more until music stopped..

People had fun! And having later gone back on another weekend, perhaps limited if any music, going into La Planta is like entering a European pub or bistro. You forget about the tax argument, the Panama Papers but rather greet, talk to the stranger next to you.

I that might be true for all the artesian beer maestros In Costa Rica.

What makes me proud of Costa Rica, besides gallo pinto, we do have a reputation in Central America for our culinary sophistication and this time it starts here at home with artisan beer.

The owners who invested in and started Craft have a lot of “cojones”!

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