Grecia author Chris J Clarke’s new thriller Blood Axe, the saga of a twenty first century Viking is just out as an e book and in paperback through Amazon.

Blood-Axe is the modern fantasy tale of men and women who form a Viking re-enactment group.

Chris has previously published seven other fictional works under the pen name name Aaron Aalborg. He finds Costa Rica a tranquil location for writing and conducts extensive research using the good local internet connections. All profits go to the charity Oxfam.

Several of his books include scenes or stories set in Costa Rica.

The deadly finale of Blood Axe takes place on the tranquil Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Most of the earlier action takes place in England and Norway.

Archaeological Viking discoveries in Scandinavia, the US, Greenland and Iceland are generating more facts about the darkly frightening Norsemen. The resounding success of the popular US TV series ‘Vikings’ has led to a huge global interest in these raiders from Northern Europe. They roamed intercontinentally and left their mark on history.

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There are many Viking Societies and re enactment clubs around the world. Blood Axe is the name taken by the leader of one of these in England. He and some successful friends is frustrated in retirement and bored with games of golf and moaning bout the state of the world. Joined by younger men and women, they start a Viking group, to re-enact battles and raids that ravaged England over three hundred years from the 8th Century.

Many of us secretly want to toss aside the rules and restrictions of modern society. These people do it, with exciting and dire results. They become carried away and destroy the ancient town of Olney in the middle of England. The female characters play major roles. Freyja uses her dark powers to lead a band of shieldmaidens in revolt against their leader Blood Axe.

Blood Axe is a rollicking mixture of hilariously crazy scenes; scary social comment on the inner Viking that is in all of us and a cliff-hanging thriller with unexpected twists and turns.

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