There’s Got To Be A Better Solution

A hands-free umbrella designed to withstand winds of up to 80 km/h could help battle the heavy rains of Costa Rica’s rainy season, keep one drier than a typical umbrella and free up hands to use a cell phone and even ride a bicycle, though why would anyone want to ride a bicycle in the rain is another thing.

The Nubrella, which resembles a bubble wrapped around the user’s head and shoulders, works by strapping on a shoulder support and extending a canopy around the head.

Inventor Alan Kaufman, 49, from Florida, said: “The major advantage is the wearer doesn’t have to carry anything when not in use as it goes behind the head like a hood.

“The umbrella was long overdue for some innovation, now people can ride their bikes and work outdoors completely hands free while staying protected.

With the umbrella dome you can laugh in the face of mother nature. And all for a US$50 via

Kaufman said, “Millions of people are required to work outdoors no matter what the conditions are and simply can’t hold an umbrella and perform their tasks.

“We believe this will revolutionize the industry and are targeting people who can’t use an umbrella or are too tired to hold an umbrella.”

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