Photo: Fuerza Públilca
Photo: Fuerza Pública

This weekend, the border police (policía de fronteras) seized seven thousand medications and perishable products that were destined to enter the country illegally at various points along the border with Nicaragua.

Among the medications were injectables, syrups, ointments and solvent powers. Food products included cheese, crackers, beeers and alcohol.

All were seized in the border crossing areas of Peñas Blancas (the major crossing between the two countries), San Dimas and Valle Verde de La Cruz de Guanacaste.

The estimate value of the confiscated products is about ¢10 million colones.

In the past two months, 23.000 medications, including 50 dosis of morphine and seven thousand “Cuajo” (rennet) tablets have been seized along the northern border.

Border police have also intercepted tons of clothing, accesories, cell phone accessories and vehicle linings being entered into the country illegaly.

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