President Luis Guillermo Solís in his live television address Sunday night.
President Luis Guillermo Solís in his live television address Sunday night.

COSTA RICA NEWS — “It’s not wise a solution with hasty steep cuts,” said President Luis Guillermo Solís on national television Sunday night.

In his television address, the President expressed his opposition to decision made by legislators. The budget “can not be mutilated irresponsibly, however well intentioned,” said Solís.

In his message that lasted almost four minutes, Solís said he is aware of the fiscal problems facing the country that have accumulated over the years, but believes that “it is not serious, nor wise to require a hasty solution with short term steep cuts.”

According to the President, there is a risk in the deterioration of essential public services that will have an impact to health, education and security.

Solís said he understands the gravity of the fiscal deficit, and is determined to solve it. He also noted that in the first months in office his government has improved tax collection by ¢21 billion colones and reduced spending by the same amount.

“Legislators should consider whether the shackles that a group of legislators want to impose on the government and other institutions are consistent with the aspirations of the people,” said Solís.

The national budget for 2015 was given approved by the Comisión de Asuntos Hacendarios del Congreso (Legislative Committee on Financial Affairs) on October 16 and will now be presented to the full Legislative Assembly for a vote before November 30.

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