Budweiser is changing its name to America for the summer of 2016.

It is not known if and when the change will hit Costa Rica, but be ready to grab an “America” instead of a “Bud” the next time you are looking for an American beer.

In the past week, the social media was overrun with claims that Budweiser was changing its name to “America.” Many were skeptical of the rumor.

WHAT’S TRUE is that Budweiser is changing its name to America for the summer of 2016. WHAT’S FALSE is the name change isn’t permanent.

Budweiser’s own Facebook page shared a video on 10 May 2016 about the “America” label.

According to a story from the Associated Press, Budweiser decided to temporarily change its name to capitalize on not just the U.S. presidential elections, but also the role the United States will be playing in several high-profile sports, such as the Copa America‘s first appearance in the United States.

Fast Company included more detail behind the marketing initiative in their 10 May 2016 coverage, noting that the change would remain in place until after the November 2016 general election.

With the backdrop of the Olympics and a comically botched election, this summer is bound to be what Ricardo Marques, a vice president from Budweiser, calls “maybe the most American summer ever.”

So while it it true Budweiser was renamed “America,” that change is only in effect until November 2016.

However, in Costa Rica, if and when the “America” brand actually hits the local coolers, the dates may be off a bit (or a lot), given that replacement stocks is dependent on sales volume, import times, etc, etc.

The Q tried to contact FIFCO (Florida Ice and Farm), owners of the Cerveceria de Costa Rica – brewers of the Imperial, Pilsen and other brands, and distributor of Budweiser in the country.

Our email also asks of any plans to change the “Imperial brand” to “COSTA RICA”.

No response has been received.

With notes from Snopes.com

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    Just another reason to never drink Budweiser again.