COSTA RICA NEWS – A video circulating the social networks shows a bus driver on the San José – Moravia route texting while driving. The video was posted on Facebook by Karla Alvarado, who says she recorded it on July 1, around 12:20pm.

Click here to see the video
Click here to see the video

The young woman says that the bus went through two check points and none of the managers said anything to the driver.

On inquiry, the manager of Autotransportes Moravia, Alex Alvarez, said “one of our supervisors advised us of the situation last Wednesday. We’re very sorry because this is something that should not be happening, but sometimes it escapes us.”

Although Alvarez did not make public the name of the driver, he assures that he has been suspended two days without pay.

According to the Consejo de Transporte Público (CTP) – the government agency that regulates bus route concessions, said they cannot proceed against the driver or the company solely on the evidence of the video, because a Tránsito (traffic) official has to witness the transgression.

Source: Telenoticias, Facebook

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