In 2007, the Public Transportation Council (CTP) of the Ministry of Transport determined that there was a deficit of 858 bus drivers, through an investigation carried out in the San José area. Eleven years later they consider that the situation has become more critical.

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“Today this has worsened and our concern is to provide an efficient, dignified and safe service to users. As well for drivers with workdays and conditions so they can perform their duties in accordance with occupational health standards and labor laws established in the country,” said Silvia Bolaños, Executive Director of the National Transportation Chamber (Canatrans).

Both the Canatrans and the Ministry of Labor (MTSS) have carried out different programs, such as facilitating training and education for obtaining a license, job fairs, and expediting the granting of permits to foreign workers, however, these have not had an impact to reduce the shortage.

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