Rico’s TICO BULL – Here’s an idea, have ‘transit officers’ patrol the buses and trains in the San Jose area to rid the pesty vendors who, almost always open their sales pitch with, ‘perdon por la molestia…” (sorry for the interruption). Many will follow up that they are not drug users or criminals (…).

A photo I took recently on the San Jose to Santa Ana bus. The vendor got off at Multiplaza, I suppose back to San Jose, and then back, etc. Very friendly, but still an unwanted intrusion.

We are a captive audience as if the sorry makes it all ok. Worse, these vendors work along with drivers who let them on the bus for some compensation I assume. On a few occasions, I have seen the vendors pay the fare.

I got to thinking on this after reading the story in the Toronto Star, were TTC (that is the Toronto Transit Commission) officials broke up an accordion playing ring of two men, thought to be brothers, who over the past month have entertained and enraged commuters by playing the hit song “Despacito”.

TTC spokesperson said several transit officers were on patrol just before noon Monday on a train when they heard the distinctive song coming from further down the train. When they walked toward the music, they found the man in black, accordion in hand.

The man was escorted off the train.

Foto: social media

The accordion musicians had been warned twice before, Green said, and this was “the third strike.”

The accordion player could have faced a CA$235 fine, but transit officers instead issued a summons, where a justice of the peace will decide if he should be fined if found guilty. Or he could be let off with a warning.

Foto: Twitter @nationalpost

Here is my plan. The Consejo de Transportes Publico (CTP) could deploy a number of transit police officers, both working under the same Ministry of Transport, to patrol the buses, that operated under a CTP concession and restore peace and tranquility to the thousands of users.

I mean, come on, how many toothbrushes can I buy? Which I suppose are working in tandem with the vendors selling cookies or gum or candy or some fried food, for a donation.

I would prefer an accordion player instead. And playing the catchy piece.

Just in case you hadn’t heard Despacito, here is the link to a YouTube mix that has more than 3.9M (as in million) views in September 2017. Or you can watch it below. But be warned, it’s addictive. You will soon be searching the other renditions of the song across the YouTube channels.

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