In Costa Rica the private sector claims that the Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) is not telling the truth when it there is an essential need to create a register of shareholders under its control in order to comply with the OECD.

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Business Sector (UCCAEP):

“The Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprises (UCCAEP), is in favour of tax fraud being combated and punished. We also support the incorporation of Costa Rica into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and compliance with the principles of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

“However, the business sector can not stand by while the Deputy Minister of Finance, Fernando Rodriguez omits the truth, and based on his words, MPs evaluate the inclusion of the creation of a register of shareholders under the control and administration of the Ministry of Finance as part of the project against tax fraud, arguing that without it, Costa Rica will not be able to join the OECD.

“It is very important to clarify to the public that the OECD is respectful of fiscal sovereignty and legislation of member countries as well as countries aspiring to join the organization, such as Costa Rica.”


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