(CONFIDENTIAL) Marcela Negrini and Diana Ibarra, two local models, have joined forces to open the “Café con cuerpo” (Coffee with body), cafeteria-restaurant in San Jose.

In addition, the models turned restaurant entrepreneurs, promise a cozy place with a varied menu and affordable prices.

The specially here is that serving tables are some of the sexiest waitresses in the country.


According to the Marcela and Diana, the waitresses accentuate their physical attributes, but without being vulgar. The girls are not familiar faces, they were selected from a casting call over three days. “All are cheerful and cute, careful not to be vulgar, and at the same time smart to provide an excellent service,” explained Negrini.

“People can find everything from breakfast like the typical gallo pinto to a wrap of strawberries and nutella. Same goes with lunches and desserts, where we have the more traditional options or the most elaborate at affordable prices,” said Ibarra.


Ibarra added that the cafeteria is for all age groups.

Café con cuerpo is located 200 metres south of the Quiznos on Paseo Colon, open from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

The official opening will be on Thursday, October 20.

More information is available on Facebook or on their website.

The waitresses.




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