A Canadian man seriously injured in the Costa Rican jungle just wants to go home. But he can’t, because no hospital in his native Ontario has a bed for him according to the family.

David Ronald (left) broke his pelvis, back and arm after falling over three and a half metres in a Costa Rican jungle last week. Now, after two surgeries, he and his wife Kristen just want to come home — but the couple says they can’t, because there are no hospital beds available in Ontario for him. (Kristen Ronald)

David Ronald’s daughter-in-law Shannon Ronald said “We are at a loss of what to do. How are we unable to get a Hamiltonian in critical condition home? Completely disgusted with the health care system. Please help us get him home.”

Ontario Minister of Health Dr. Eric Hoskins disputed the family’s claim in a statement Wednesday, reported CBC News, saying intensive care unit beds were available in the Hamilton area around the time of the Feb. 15 accident that left Ronald with a broken pelvis, back, and arm.

Sometimes I wonder if he’d even get the level of care he’s gotten here in Ontario. – Kristen Ronald

The Hamilton (Ontario) man suffered a fall in while vacationing in Costa Rica with his wife, Kristen, who told the CBC News she and her husband are shocked at the state of the province’s overcrowded health-care system and just want to go home.

“I just never imagined the one thing that would keep us here is a bed,” she said on the phone from Costa Rica. “It’s so frustrating,” reported Adam Carter, for CBC News.

David and Kirsten were sleeping on a large deck at their friend’s home in Pavones, located in Costa Rican’s southern Pacific. “David woke up at around 2 am, and slipped and fell over three-and-a-half meters off the deck, breaking his pelvis, back, and arm,” said Kristen.

The accident occurred on February 15. Ever since the Ronalds have been trying to get back to Ontario, but they keep hearing from their insurance company that there are no beds available. Until one opens up, they can’t transport him.

While they are lauding the care they’ve received in Costa Rica, they are now desperate to get home, Kristen said. “He’s ready to travel, they have an air ambulance, and they’re ready to bring him home,” she said. “Sometimes I wonder if he’d even get the level of care he’s gotten here in Ontario.”

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