Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister suggested the story about his out-of-country communications didn’t immediately come to light because of the decisions of provincial bureaucrats who handle freedom of information requests.

Manitoba (Canada) Premier, Brian Pallister, speaks out for the first time on his trips to Costa Rica since the opposition released documents suggesting he virtually unplugs while in Costa Rica.

In a report by Canada’s CTV news, Winnipeg, Pallister said, “If sending emails and phone calls were your measure of effectiveness, we should have a teenager as the premier of Manitoba. I’ve been effective in my life of managing my time and have a reputation for those who know me, the 100-thousand Manitobans who know me, would laugh at the suggestion I’m not dedicated and focused.”

Screen capture of CBC News report

Phone and email records obtained by the New Democratic Party (NDP) through the freedom of information laws show while Pallister spent 19 days in Costa Rica last summer, and there were no outgoing or incoming calls made between the Premier and his staff.

During two trips to Costa Rica over Christmas and in late January 2017, records show 9 calls were made.



“Not a day goes by that I’m not available. Accessible,” Pallister said. “Not a day goes by when I’m not focused on making Manitoba a better place for the people who live here.”


Email records have also shown staff sent the premier a legal opinion and a draft of the budget speech before budget day to Esther Pallister, the premier’s wife, instead of to his own government email.

When asked why Pallister had been (while in Costa Rica) using his wife’s cell phone and email to conduct business instead of his own, the premier explained the two had been using her phone to stay in contact with and he initially asked a clerk if her cell phone would be less secure than his government phone, and he was told no. The premier said his wife Esther has acted as his advisor and would screen his messages when he’s with his family.

“For 25 years my wife and I have worked in partnership with one another. We’ve never been associated with a leak.” Pallister said. “There was nothing given to us as a rule of practice by the previous administration that said you shouldn’t use personal devices for business purposes or business devices for personal purposes. And we are taking action to change those rules.”

Manitoba adopted a new policy last month requiring government employees to only conduct business on government phones and email. On Wednesday, the Pallister vowed to follow the new policy.


According to the blog, since his election as a Manitoba member of the legislative assembly (MLA) in September 2012, Brian Pallister has travelled to Costa Rica 15 times, spending 18.2% of his total time in the country.

A photo on Facebook shows the Pallister residence in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. From the Globe and Mail January 2017.


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