President Carlos Alvarado assured that the Executive Branch “will not be embarrassed” in adopting those points that coincide with the tax proposal that the unions presented last Monday.

Carlos Alvarado visited Puntarenas on Wednesday. At his side (left), Elizabeth Odio, judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and (right) the first lady, Claudia Dobles. Photo: Alonso Tenorio / La Nacion

In Puntarenas, where he toured on Wednesday, Alvarado defended his vice president, Marvin Rodriguez, who on Tuesday said Presidenica (the presidency) saw “con muy buenos ojos” (with good eyes) seven points in the proposal drafted by union leaders, to collect (taxes) between 3% and 4% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

The president said he has read the document and “there are elements in which the Government of the Republic agrees and wants to work to make it a reality”.

He added that no one should be surprised that the Executive is interested in rescuing some of the trade union proposals and that, rather, it is positive that the Government and workers’ organizations agree on several points.

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion

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