The promo photo for Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony tour that DOES NOT include Cost Rica!
The promo photo for Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony tour that DOES NOT include Cost Rica!

TICO BULL – Once again the U.S. media and one Costa Rican news source, confuses San Jose, California with San Jose, Costa Rica.

On Wednesday, April 1, Carlos Vives And Marc Anthony announced their “UNIDO2” tour that kicks off on September 23, in Toronto, Canada and ends in San Jose on October 25. (Actually, the tour kicks off on September 11, in Puerto Rico, with Marc Anthon alone.)

The website, Variety Latino, lists all the dates and venues, that includes San Jose’s (sic. Costa Rica) SAP Center , which is really in San Jose, California.

However, the LATIN TIMES makes note that the October 25 performance as San Jose, Costa Rica. Worse, a Costa Rica news site (a former publication I used to own, but won’t mention their name here) picks up the story as posted with permission from Latin Times, that includes Costa Rica.

The confusion is understandable. But from a Costa Rica news media? Yes, mistakes happen, but, a small check and they could have seen that there is not SAP Center in San Jose or Costa Rica. We have the Saprissa, the Morera Soto, the National Stadium and soon the Parque Viva, but no SAP.

This isn’t the first time (or the last) that San Jose, Costa Rica has been confused with San Jose, California.

I wasn’t able to find any online stories about someone actually landing in California instead of Costa Rica, or vice-versa.

But I can tell you of a personal story, of a friend coming to Costa Rica to visit me, holding a ticket for SJC. Fortunately, I spotted the error when she gave me her flight information, in arranging my picking her up. That story ended well, a call to her travel agency in Toronto cleared it all up.


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