Juan Sebastian Campos

[BLOG] It Is Ironic!

QCOSTARICA BLOG – There is this annual event called Super Bowl which was held in Californa,February 7, 2016. Around the world hundreds of millions of people watched the game and especially the commercials. However few Ticos (Costa Ricans) who have no idea what is a Super Bowl turned out to vote in local elections and […]

The Perfect Storm

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Almost all the news, both published and on television, has focused on the epidemic of crime in Costa Rica. Instead of going away, according to media it is exponentially growing in the south, in the north and especially inland and the canton of San Jose. While some pundits did in fact predict […]

And Now What?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Pope Francisco, perhaps the most popular Pope we have ever had, not as Catholics but rather as a global icon who has recently been in Cuba and the U.S. for better than week has returned to the Vatican and a well deserved rest. All of the accolades, the wonderful emotions and good […]

And Why Not Here?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – So far, we certainly are far from the brutality, murder rate and gang threats of El Salvador, but the truth is we do have a pandemic murder scale right here in Paradise. So far it has mostly been limited to gang members, narcos against narcos but that is changing as in the […]

It’s All About Taxes

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Like most folks who live here in Paradise, I really will tolerate paying taxes. However, I want to get something in return. Something to make life more livable. More palatable but that is not the case in Pura Vida land. Almost as interesting as the Spanish language articles in La Naciόn are […]

Taking a Look at News Headlines

QCOSTARICA BLOG – “Yes,” la Nacion is important if not critical to us locals as is digital news from the Q (qcostarica) and international sources. It is no wonder why we, as a country, are depressed, and perhaps globally depressed. This morning I did a digital news review and 92% remind us the horrors of […]

A Little More Applause, Please

(QCOSTARICA BLOGS) – Not enough is being said about Costa Rica’s Special Olympic Team and the results of the 2015 event. All 216 athletes who each gave their all, who trained for years and whose families sacrificed to walk away with 207 medals. Double that of the previous record in 2011 of 104 medals. You […]

Selective Transparency

(qCOSTA RICA BLOGS) As my wife of many years would complain, “Juancito, you have selective Alzheimer’s.” True and Costa Rica is not far behind with selective transparency which incorporates selective Alzheimer’s or at least dementia. The Administration and perhaps all those past governments seem to have forgotten, who did what and when while always looking […]

Why So Surprised?

(QCOSTARICA BLOG) — “The salary is not much, but the graft is wonderful!” well said by a politician. By now most of Costa Rica has read or heard the saga of FIFA and our own Eduardo Li being charged with everything from racketeering to money laundering. And the government sucks it teeth and worries while […]

Let’s Think Hard About Two Things…..

One, kill our, obliterate our system of universal health that is the Caja, simply because it is costly, inefficient, corrupt and has a license to kill much like “007”. And, two, the entire healthcare system is rampant with corruption from management to the doctors and to the bribes to just make an appointment. Almost every […]

“Yes and “No”

(QCOSTARICA BLOG) Both Expats and Locals (Ticos) passionately argue or debate about everything possible. As I have said before, “Politics, not soccer is the national sport.” However, a consensus says both groups seem to agree that (a) the government institutions and bureaucracy do not or have never planned for the future. Anything beyond the end […]

[OP-ED] Please Educate Me, Why?

I guess this could be re-titled what goes through their minds when making decisions, any decision. From the legislators (Asemblea) to every minister and autonomous leader…you really have to wonder what and hell they are thinking? Certainly it is not the best interest of our little country. From those most important decision makers to the […]

[BLOG] Breast Cancer And Therapy in Costa Rica

[BLOG] Breast Cancer And Therapy in Costa Rica

QCOSTA RICA BLOG – It is hard to find a female over 40 that does not want or need a mammogram. And, if positive: help! (That is the best and only word to describe the feeling.) However, research all you can on the internet and visit the Cima, Biblica or even Catolitica private hospitals and […]

[OP-ED] How to Drive Away Business Without Really Trying

[OP-ED] How to Drive Away Business Without Really Trying

QCOSTARICA – When the government officials, all economists and institutional directors say that Costa Rica is expensive; it is! After all, they are the major contributors to costs. Business, each and every chamber has complained out-loud, that we are chasing away investors, losing economic ground to neighboring countries and admitting that it is, in many […]

[OP-ED] Are We A Poacher’s Paradise?

[OP-ED] Are We A Poacher’s Paradise?

Two recent events, both condoned of neglect by the government of Costa Rica and both simply confirm our eagerness to sell peace, democracy, justice and environmental protection to the world; but in reality the truth is quite different. Making international news, especially among environmentalists, is the “not guilty” verdict of the seven men who took […]

[OP-ED] Getting Ready For the Competition

QCOSTARICA OP-ED- Pristine white beaches, torques waters, all-inclusive destination hotels, plenty of fresh drinking water, lots of sun….Cuba. For sure we are not looking at the next few years, but within eight to ten Cuba might well cut into some of Costa Rica’s tourist traffic and we simply cannot afford that. After all, for years […]