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[OP-ED] It’s Home Grown!

COSTA RICA — I have a rule not to stray from Costa Rica in my opinion pieces, however, last week is an exception. We, Costa Rica, are not immune to the self-radicalized terrorist who are all but impossible to be identified no matter how competent is OIJ, DIS and NSA of the United States. Not […]

[OP-ED] Why so Quiet?

COSTA RICA OP-ED — While indeed volatile, the price of oil has plummeted about 23% since June of this year. But not a peep from RECOPE, ICE or the Administration. According to La Republica, Costa Rica will save us$117 million dollars as result of the fall in crude prices over the last four months. A […]

[OP-ED] A Reality!

COSTA RICA (OP-ED) — It is early Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014 morning and I am still, after 73 years trying to figure out “Who am I?” In truth, I live in Costa Rica, have spent a lot of time during the revolution in Nicaragua and have had the great opportunity to know personally one former […]

[OP-ED] Investopedia

DEFINITION OF ‘BA1/BB+’. This is generally one of the lowest investment grade ratings that an agency assigns to a security or insurance carrier before the word “junk” comes into play. “This rating signifies a low to moderate level of risk for investors or policyholders. Entities that are assigned this rating generally possess adequate reserves and […]

Finding a Place Called Home

COSTA RICA BLOG — Every expat who migrated to Costa Rica has looked and looked again to find comfort, a place we can call home. It is not simple and certainly not easy with so many choices and so many considerations. Most important, newbies to Costa Rica must think about crime. Corruption is inevitable, but […]

[blog] Let The Dust Settle

COSTA RICA BLOG – President Luis Guillermo Solís’ (LGS) infamous 100 Day discourse which some time ago was billed as a State of the Nation speech has won many kudos while at the same time raising more questions than answers. At first blush the PAC supporters or anti-Liberationists are, with good reason, his leading cheerleaders. […]


COSTA RICA BLOG – It is just amazing the amount of sad, tragic even disgusting news that has perforated the global media this last week. I really do care, but I am at the point perhaps for personal health I should not. And you readers as well. We have our little piece of land and […]

We Need More Alegría – Happiness

COSTA RICA BLOG – In so many ways we are a country of sadness hoping for the better. The truth be told, with more than a 20% poverty rate, a government filled with corruption and confusion as well as so many families trying to hold on to its middle class rating; we need help. For […]

And, Robin Williams

The internet has been awash with tributes, kudos and the achievements of Robin Williams. He has been compared to the ultimate Bob Hope. For expats, maybe this is not all bad. “Yes,” it is emotional, very emotional that at the young age of 63 the man has died. However, his private life yet remains that […]

[OP-ED] Taking Care of Your Backyard?

[OP-ED] Taking Care of Your Backyard?

[OP-ED] In America, there was once a television program called, “This is the Week that Was” and the world, including Costa Rica should be a part of that program from July 13 to July 20, 2014. Sadly, last week we had the shoot down of Malaysian Airline MH 17, the invasion of Israel into the […]



COSTA RICA BLOG – I like very much to read the comment sections of the online news publications. They reveal the thoughts and mind set of both nationals as well as expats living in Costa Rica. While the government is hell bent to make Costa Rica a member of the developed world country club, perhaps […]


The horns are not blaring, the flags are drooping a little, yet some; some of the faithful still cheer on and believe in La Sele, believe in our country and that’s good. To believe in La Sele is to believe in us, Ticos within our hearts. Soon, the team will be home but I encourage, […]


It was a wonderful ride with the Cinderella team and all those people who cheered, cried and vented anger showing the world we are indeed a nation of passionate people and not a group of pacifists who can’t find their way home. “No,” no more poor me mind set! La Sele and those young people […]

[BLOG] Nationalism!

[BLOG] Nationalism!

Look, we are a small country, one of the last to emerge from volcano eruptions forming the magnificent bridge between North and South America; yielding millions of species and flora. And now Costa Rica has achieved “The Impossible Dream” and moved into the “Knockout Round” of the World cup. Sele has really done an admiral […]

[BLOG] This Is The Reality of Tourism

[BLOG] This Is The Reality of Tourism

First, let’s get something clear. My job is to be the “devil’s advocate” and secondly to publish contrarian views that just might change a fixed mind set of Costa Rica. No question that we have an amazing amount of natural beauty. However, we also have significant challenges for those of us who live in this […]

[OP-ED] SO FAR….???

[OP-ED] SO FAR….???

OP-ED – In 2010 I wrote a strong defense of the newly elected president, Laura Chinchilla and in that discourse I said that she was sort of hoodwinked by the Oscar Arias administration who handed the then president a “red herring”, so to speak. I was wrong. The Arias brothers did not ride in on […]


As an unabashed liberal in the Costa Rica sense of the word, far too many articles and news items that I hear or read focus on the faults as well as failures of adequate public health care for all. My innate liberalism just might be wrong. Perhaps it is the nature of socialized medicine itself […]


The more I read and see, it is impossible for Costa Rica to join the developed nation world as so much desired by Laura Chinchilla.and Oscar Arias. And, why should we? To borrow more money where we means to pay it back? Numbers are data until they reach the level of information but if 47+% […]

[BLOG] I am sooooo out of step!

I had a birthday last week and deeply regret it. For me, and perhaps only me, the times and emotions of people on a global level are retched. Thing are so terribly sad. Maybe I read, watch and listen to too much news which in itself has always been emotionally balanced until now, until right […]


Recent articles both in Costa Rica and from other countries have pretty much run into the ground both the high cost of living in Pura Vida and the mega-cost of residential rentals. We live in Piedades, La Trinidad and have very recently rejected a new rental agreement simply because it was both unexpected and unduly […]