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san jose, costa rica
Thursday 18 May 2017

Semana Santa Is Over…The Clean Up Never Happens.

Semana Santa is over. This Crhoy.com cartoon shows what the country's beaches look like this morning. In the caption,...

Humour Tico Style

(QHumour) "The shameful road to Cartago will receive the independence torch" is the title the Crhoy.com humour where...

QToons: PLN Politics

While Jose Maria Figueres Olsen announced his run for the PLN presidential nomination for 2018, Oscar Arias says...

QTOONS: Political Dreaming!

The caption in this 'toon' by Crhoy.com reads: "GOVERNMENT SAYS IT FULFILLED MOST OF ITS GOALS IN 2015"

QTOONS: The “Perfect” Vehicle For Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA -The creative minds at Crhoy.com bring us the "perfect" vehicle that should be at Expomovil for the...

QToons: Fill Up While ‘Low’ Prices Last

Fill the tank and all the pots in case prices go up again!  

QTOONS: Again An Oscar For Costa Rica

In this Cryhoy.com caricature we see Steve Harvey presenting our beloved Oscar (Arias).  

QToons Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Running Low on Funds

9-1-1, what is the emerengy? We're running out of money to continue helping.

And Here’s …. Carlos!

QCOSTARICA | Costa Rica has a new minister of Transport, Carlos Villalta, who takes over the job of...

Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber

LIGHTER SIDE | I think he's taking the long route.  Taxi drivers take to the streets in protest...

QTOONS: Sean Penn Offers Costa Rica’s Spy Master Help With Information Leaks

QCOSTARICA - You have to like this timely caricature by Crhoy.com of Costa Rica's very own spymaster, sorry...

QToons: ICJ Hands Out Red And Yellow Cards

I have give kudos to the creative minds at crhoy.com.

QToons: Festival de la Luz 2015

Is this what many will see tonight during the most important festival of the holiday season, the Festival...

QToons: The Aguinaldo

The Aguinaldo is in the streets ... and so are the vultures!

QToons: In Costa Rica, Every Car Pays A New

Words to live by in Costa Rica, when it comes to the marchamo (annual circulation permit),  "every car...

Party Cancelled!

QToons: The White Elephant and The Unions

In the caricature by Crhoy.com, President Luis Guillermo Solis is caught between the white elephant (Recope) and the...

QTOONS: NASA Reports Finding Water On Mars; The AyA Is On The Job

Caption: We have a report of a water leak. We'll have to break the roads...