QToons: Our Legislators At Work

"We have to improve the Legislature's image" "Let's celebrate Legislator's Day" "But first we have to...

“Huele A Aguinaldo”

The "#aguinaldo", the annual bonus paid to all workers in Costa Rica, is around...

“Chorizo” Over Games!

The Presidenta on the loss of the FIFA U-17 games in Costa Rica. "Priorities are...

QTOONS: Christmas A La Tica!


Here, everybody loves me!

Some 532 kilometres from the Pacific Coast, Presidenta Laura Chinchilla preferred the solitude of...

Lighter Side: Inequality, unemployment and poverty, the axis of the campaign proposals of presidential candidates

From the minds at CRHoy.com IN A SODITA IN SAN JOSE CENTRE... Johnny Araya: "Take this...

The Two Sides of Costa Rica’s Police

The sure can act tough against little old ladies...

QTOONS: Recope: Refining What?

Gasoline prices will be going up soon, at the request of Costa Rica's refinery...

Government Continues To Pour Money Into La Trocha

La Trocha, the northern border road, has been mired in controversy for all kinds...

Strike Humor!

From the pages of Crhoy.com.

QToons: Navas Shines in Spain!

Source: CRHoy.com

QTOONS: Political Dreaming!

The caption in this 'toon' by Crhoy.com reads: "GOVERNMENT SAYS IT FULFILLED MOST OF ITS...

QToons: ICJ Hands Out Red And Yellow Cards

I have give kudos to the creative minds at crhoy.com.

QTOONS: President Says He Is Fully Committed To The Plan Fiscal (Tax Reforms)

QCOSTARICA - Lighter Side Caption: "Are you sure you have good aim?"


QToons: Political Humour

Man: Look, two more criminals pinched! Woman: ...and from which "ministry" are they from?