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san jose, costa rica
Thursday 25 May 2017

Kenneth Tencio Costa Rica’s Best BMX Rider!

QTV - Kenneth Tencio has a neon yellow bike and balls of steel. There are a few different...

President Solis Serenades La La Land’s Emma Stone To Visit Costa Rica

COSTA RICA EXTRA - In October 2016, oscar winning actress said Emma Stone told Vogue magazine she would...

A Brand New Way of Enjoying Wine By The Glass

Imagine being able to taste the wine before buying it. Or just wanted a glass of a particular...

[VIDEO] Arias Says “Collatoral Damage” Is Cynical


[Video] Pastora Interview Over Isla Calero/Portillos


[Video] Deputy Minister Bolaños Explains New Driver Road Test


[VIDEO] US vs. Costa Rica: Highlights – Sept. 6, 2013


[Video] Costa Rica’s New Brand Promotional Video


[Video] Wendy Vanessa Interview In Alajuela Park

Click here for the report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07oGJb7Pzww

[Video] Yorly Barboza Talks About Her Food Truck Business

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCDozFEOR4o Click here for the report.

[Video] Traffic On The Circunvalación


[Video] Laura Chinchilla on Mother’s Day


[Video] Trucks Slams Into Toll Booth


[Video] Users Comment on Multiplaza’s Plans To Charge For Outdoor Parking


[Video] “The Crocodile Man and the famous Crocodile Poncho”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjqwORXraXI Chito made friends with the croc after finding him with a gunshot wound on the banks of the...

[Video] Presidential Words On Faith


[Video] Presidenta’s Thoughts On The Romeria

Presidenta Laura Chinchilla is expected to begin her pilgrimage to the Virgen de los Angeles around 1pm Thursday....

[Video] Ten swimmers saved from drowning by surfers in Jaco

Barely avoiding tragedy ten teens get saved from powerful waves by surfers and red cross in Jaco, Costa...

[Video] Chinchi On Nicaragua Oil Concession


QTV: Awsum Video of a 1932 Ford 5 Coupe Built Buy Costa Rica Hot Rods


[Video] QTV: Los Polos

Hope you enjoy this video by Lahoraticatv poking fun at Tico Machismo!

[Video] Made Of Pure Muscle

Behind the Scenes: FIAT Body Paint Shoot A behind-the-scenes look at pulling together one of the most complex, ambitious...

[Video] Fiorella And Ana Cristina Talk About Legalizing Their Union

See report Fiorella and Ana Cristina Want To “Legalize” Their Union to Protect Their Child

[Video] Trailer Puerto Padre

Click here for Tico Film Narrates A Journey of Silence Between the Island and the Puntarenas Port

[Video] Dozens Marched in San Jose To Motivate Ticos to Donate Organs

With ballons greednd t-shirts and wrapped in blankets dozens of people marched in downtown San José Saturday, to...

[Video] Energy Minister Explains RECOPE “Plan B”

Energy Minister Rene Castro explains the government's "Plan B" for RECOPE.

[Video] Doña Laura Tries Her Hand With The Accordion

Ever wonder how Doña Laura spends  her spare time? The video, shot at half time during the Mexico -...

Two Morons and A Camera on The Autopista General Cañas

This video was posted on Facebook allegedly by the moron riding the motorcycle irresponsibly and with the lack...