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san jose, costa rica
Sunday 22 October 2017

Kenneth Tencio Costa Rica’s Best BMX Rider!

QTV - Kenneth Tencio has a neon yellow bike and balls of steel. There are a few different...

President Solis Serenades La La Land’s Emma Stone To Visit Costa Rica

COSTA RICA EXTRA - In October 2016, oscar winning actress said Emma Stone told Vogue magazine she would...

A Brand New Way of Enjoying Wine By The Glass

Imagine being able to taste the wine before buying it. Or just wanted a glass of a particular...

[VIDEO] Arias Says “Collatoral Damage” Is Cynical


[Video] Pastora Interview Over Isla Calero/Portillos


[Video] Deputy Minister Bolaños Explains New Driver Road Test


[VIDEO] US vs. Costa Rica: Highlights – Sept. 6, 2013


[Video] Costa Rica’s New Brand Promotional Video


[Video] Wendy Vanessa Interview In Alajuela Park

Click here for the report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07oGJb7Pzww

[Video] Yorly Barboza Talks About Her Food Truck Business

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCDozFEOR4o Click here for the report.

[Video] Traffic On The Circunvalación


[Video] Laura Chinchilla on Mother’s Day


[Video] Trucks Slams Into Toll Booth


[Video] “The Crocodile Man and the famous Crocodile Poncho”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjqwORXraXI Chito made friends with the croc after finding him with a gunshot wound on the banks of the...

[Video] Presidential Words On Faith


[Video] Presidenta’s Thoughts On The Romeria

Presidenta Laura Chinchilla is expected to begin her pilgrimage to the Virgen de los Angeles around 1pm Thursday....

[Video] Ten swimmers saved from drowning by surfers in Jaco

Barely avoiding tragedy ten teens get saved from powerful waves by surfers and red cross in Jaco, Costa...

[Video] Chinchi On Nicaragua Oil Concession


QTV: Awsum Video of a 1932 Ford 5 Coupe Built Buy Costa Rica Hot Rods


[Video] QTV: Los Polos

Hope you enjoy this video by Lahoraticatv poking fun at Tico Machismo!

[Video] Made Of Pure Muscle

Behind the Scenes: FIAT Body Paint Shoot A behind-the-scenes look at pulling together one of the most complex, ambitious...

[Video] Fiorella And Ana Cristina Talk About Legalizing Their Union

See report Fiorella and Ana Cristina Want To “Legalize” Their Union to Protect Their Child

[Video] Trailer Puerto Padre

Click here for Tico Film Narrates A Journey of Silence Between the Island and the Puntarenas Port

[Video] Dozens Marched in San Jose To Motivate Ticos to Donate Organs

With ballons greednd t-shirts and wrapped in blankets dozens of people marched in downtown San José Saturday, to...

[Video] Energy Minister Explains RECOPE “Plan B”

Energy Minister Rene Castro explains the government's "Plan B" for RECOPE.

[Video] Doña Laura Tries Her Hand With The Accordion

Ever wonder how Doña Laura spends  her spare time? The video, shot at half time during the Mexico -...

Two Morons and A Camera on The Autopista General Cañas

This video was posted on Facebook allegedly by the moron riding the motorcycle irresponsibly and with the lack...


Drunk Driver Kills Marathon Runner Sunday Morning

A 35-year-old Venezuelan athlete participating this Sunday morning in the San Jose Half Marathon was killed by a drunk driver who disrespected the traffic...

“Truce In The Rains” Not To Be Repeated This Week, Says Weather Service

After a week of no rain throughout most of the country, the rains did return on Saturday as forecast by the national weather service,...

From Anguish to Ecstasy in 90 Minutes

The moment Kendall Waston scored the goal in the last few minutes of the game, officially qualifying the Costa Rica national team for the ...

JetBlue Flight To Costa Rica Turned Around After Dog Escapes In Brooklyn

Friday morning, on the tarmac at New York's La Guardia airport on a flight to Costa Rica, Gwen Wunderlich, 41, got a frantic call...

Nate Death Toll Rises To 14

The most up-to-date information from the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) - National Emergency Commission and the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) - Judicial...

A Varied Art Exhibition on Cuban Culture Day in Costa Rica

A varied sample of Cuban art touched the nearly two hundred people attending the celebration of Cuban Culture Day in Costa Rica, held at...

3 Ways to Get a Second Passport and 2 Countries to Get It From Quickly

A Second Passport is not just for the "James Bond" or "Jason Bourne" or the super wealthy of this world. The truth? Millions of...


Anne Hathaway’s Leaked Personal Pictures Go Viral

American actress Anne Hathaway is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the hackers, who shamelessly filtered the intimate photos of the actress with...

How Will Hurricane Irma Affect Costa Rica?

As Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Caribbean and Floridians ready for Irma's potential landfall, how will it affect Costa Rica? Although Hurricane Irma...

10 Countries Reputed As The Ultimate Place For Sex Tourism (Guess Who Isn’t?)

QCOSTARICA - Normally, tourists travel abroad to visit famous landmarks, culture or do fun things. Also there is a group of tourists who travel...

Red Alert Declared For Pacific, Central Valley and Northern Zone

The National Emergencies Commission ( Comisión Nacional de Emergencias - CNE) declared a red alert for the entire Pacific coast, Central Valley and northern...

Nothing Escaped Nate!

Nothing escaped Nate! Floods, rivers overflowing their banks, houses destroyed, families uprooted, schools closed, roads and bridges damaged or destroyed and farms and plantations...