Francisco Chacón on Wednesday stepped down as Communications Minister following a weekend trip by Presidenta Laura Chinchilla to Peru, travelling on a private jet whose owner

Chacón and his wife, Minister of Foreign Trade, Anabel Gonzalez, accompanied the Presidenta on the trip to attend the wedding of the son of Costa Rica’s vice-president Luis Liberman, and a last minute meeting with Peru’s president.

In the press conference announcing his resignation, Chacón explained the Thorneloe Energy (THX) plane was recommended by the pilot of Teletica and Durman Esquivel, since both companies could not lend the government their plane.

“Don Ludwig (Chief of Protocol) contacted the pilots of a company that usually had provided service, they referred us to them,” said Chacon

The former minister, in his story, said that he met with a Gabriel O’Falan on May 8 to arrange for the use of the plane. However, O’Falan actually is Gabriel Ricardo Morales Fallón. Chacón said he has filed a complaint with Attorney General, accusing Morales of using a false identity.

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