Franklin Chang (left) with President Luis Guillermo Solís
Franklin Chang (left) with President Luis Guillermo Solís

Former astronaut, physicist and national hero Dr. Franklin Chang met briefly last week with President Luis Guillermo Solis to present his “little report” containing suggestions of how to create more energy more cheaply and without using hydrocarbon fuels.

“He gave me a document of partial range containing rapidly implemented ideas for better circulation of cars, production of energy and this effort will continue,” said Solis. Chang is the most famous scientist in the country and is currently at work on an advanced rocket engine that will make chemical rockets obsolete.

Solis noted that the report contains geothermal electricity generation, revival of a highway plan 2011-35 presented some time ago and shelved by the government and an electric mass transit train that has been on the wish list of both traffic-weary commuters and environmentalists alike.

The country’s electricity monopoly ICE has been stymied in its quest for geothermal power by environmental laws blocking developments in national parks, which includes volcanoes. It will take congressional action to make an exception to this impasse.

Also included in the meeting was the rector of the EARTH university, Jose Zaglul. He echoed the President’s words, explaining that the suggestions offered concrete ideas to use as rapid priorities. All three belong to the National Energy Platform, a group dedicated to lowering electric costs and increasing energy.

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