Photo Diario Extra
Patrol cars rusting in the Policia de Transito Invu Las Cañas lot, in Alajuela. Photo Diario Extra

QCOSTARICA – The Policia de Transito (Traffic Police), according to Diario Extra source, is scurrying to get from the Comptroller General approval for maintenance contracts of its patrol cars.

The Extra source says that 108 police cars (the blue Chevys) were abandoned when the Chevrolet dealer left Costa Rica, and with it the maintenance contracts.

Facing the huge costs involved in importing parts from the United States, the Consejo de Seguridad Vial (Cosevi) decided to park the vehicles at its Invu Las Cañas lot, in Alajuela, left to rust away, for an eventual de-registration and donation.

German Valverde, executive director of Cosevi, explained that the units came from the Policia de Transito who considers them too costly to repair and the Cosevi being government agency responsible for disposing of them.

Valverde added that the fate of the newer and still in use vehicles may be same, given the maintenance contracts expired last week, waiting on the Comptroller’s approval for new contracts.

Of the 700 patrol vehicles, 600 are in need of maintenance.

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