TICO BULL – It’s incredible that a divorce battle of a couple of entrepreneurs could affect gas distribution, a staple product, in an entire country.

In a typical divorce the children are the most affected. However, in this divorve of the co-owners Zeta and Tomza Gas, the people of Costa Rica are affected: entire families struggling to make meals, heat milk for babies.

Living the anquish are also businesses like are restaurtants, and sodas, the small lunch counters that are a main source of income for many families in the country and a source of cheap and hearty meals for many living the busy urban life.

It’s also incredible that this government, through the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) has done almost nothing to ensure the flow of gas.

Worse is that Recope, the state oil refinery that refines nothing, is sitting on a cache of gas (it is the supplier to Zeta and Tomza) but cannot get it to the market – the people – because of red tape, concession contracts and all the other bull.

Señor Presidente, wake up, get this under control. You cannot allow a lover’s quarrel to affect a nation.

To quote Spock’s logic,“The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few” (or “the one”).

Or two in this case!

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