COSTA RICA NEWS – It wasn’t a game of chicken when a truck carrying some 3.000 kilos of processed chicken lost control when its brakes failed, slamming into a building.


The accident occurred around 3:00am Saturday morning, in Cuidad Quesada de San Carlos, a half block from the BCT bank.

Fortunately the driver was not injured and there was no one in the store at the time.

Rónald González, Policia de Transito official, in his report said the driver had left San Ramon headed fo Aguas Zarcas.

Although the truck is registered to carry 12.000 kilos, it was only carrying one third of its maximum load.

González added that there is evidence the driver tried to block the wheels when his brakes gave way, leaving skid marks on the pavement, and the tell tale evidence that the truck was speeding, before slamming into the side of the building.

The driver, identified by his last names Quirós Cascante, was driving alone and a breathalyzer test proved negative.

It was just one of those things on the hills of the winding road from San Ramón to Cuidad Quesada.

Source: La Nacion

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