The real estate group, Lady Lee Corporation of Honduran origin, has announced that in 2019 it will start construction of a mixed project in Alajuela that will house a hotel, an office and a restaurant.

Lucía Rojas, City Mall marketing manager. Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Without giving further details, representatives of the developer of the “City Mall” shopping center located in Alajuela, announced that in 2019 they will start groundwork to build, on a piece of land adjacent to the mall, a building that will have offices, a gastronomic center and a hotel.

Regarding the project, City Mall’s Marketing Manager, Lucía Rojas, explained to that the development will start with “… earthworks in 2019 and they are making projections for 2020. It will be an interesting project because it will give a lot of dynamism to the mall, we are assured of customers throughout the day with office lunches and we will have all the facilities for them next door.”

She added that ” … the details of each of these projects are going to be publicised little by little.”

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