QCOSTARICA – The Civil Aviation Authority (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) is proposing regulating the use commercial uses of drones, forcing operators to possess technical records, operating manuals and a policy against damage to third parties.

The rules which the Civil Aviation Authority intends to put forward in April to the Civil Aviation Technical Council exclude their use for recreational or sporting purposes, including them within the practice of aeromodelling and focusing on use for purposes which are “… commercial, scientific, humanitarian, emergency care and others. ”

The regulations use the definition of a drone as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which globally regulates the sector and which is attached Costa Rica .

La reports that “… flights within five miles of airports and airfields, unless they have express permission from the Directorate of Civil Aviation are prohibited… Nor can they operate at over 120 meters high (this prevents use of areas where planes fly) and they are only authorized for use in the daytime. ”

“… For reasons of security and privacy, neither can they be flown over urban agglomerations of buildings, neighborhoods or houses, or within 30 meters of a person, property or vehicle. The proposal will include penalties under the General Law of Civil Aviation for those who violate the rules. ”

“Sounds good and logical that the authorities do this for reasons of security and privacy; I also support the idea of distinguishing between recreational and commercial or other purposes, ” Sergio Ballester, entrepreneur and owner of the company Indigo Drones, told La Nacion.

Lee Jones, regional spokesman for Aibotix (dedicated to making and program drones), it felt it indispensable that the country have regulations for these use of the devices. To us you there is an interest in safety and properly trained pilots,” he said.



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