Formal (red) traxi drivers clashed with Uber drivers on Friday night in Rohrmoser (Pavas). Foto Adrián Soto

Being an Uber driver in Costa Rica cannot be easy given the resentment by formal taxi drivers that has often led to violence.

Such as the case on Friday night, when a clash between formal taxi drivers (the red taxis) and a group of drivers from Uber resulted in the detention of 10 people, confirmed the Ministerio de Seguridad Publica (MSP).

Among the detained were three taxi drivers, charged with disturbing the peace and seven Uber drivers for rioting.

The dispute that escalated into a confrontation by nightfall began in the afternoon following messages on WhatsApp that Uber drivers would not be allowed the area of the post neighborhood of Rohrmoser (Pavas, San Jose), primarily in the area known as the “bulevar” (the Boulevard).

Apparently, the messages were sent by a group of formal taxi drivers calling themselves “Grupo de choque Uber” (Group Against Uber).

The police report says that some 100 drivers were on scene, many to lend support to either side, while others filled with curiosity. One formal taxi driver, a woman who did not want to be identified publicly, told the Q “I do not support this action, most of all because it incites violence.” The woman blames Uber for allowing “non-desirables” to drive for them and it it is those drivers that provide a bad service that reflects badly on the rest.



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