The ice bottle comes wrapped with a red rubber band as a barrier to the cold.


Coca-Cola has the cure for a summer meltdown — a new bottle made entirely of ice.

The ice-cold soda container is shaped just like the iconic glass bottle, with Spencerian script lettering engraved in ice. The bottle is wrapped with a red rubber band, which doubles as a bracelet, that bears the Coke logo to prevent frozen fingers.

The ice bottle retains the shape of the iconic glass container.
The ice bottle retains the shape of the iconic glass container.

The bottle melts when consumers are finished for easy and eco-friendly disposal, though critics mention all the excess refrigeration to keep the container from melting cancels out the environmental benefits.

The production process consists of micro-filtered water poured and frozen into silicon molds at 13 degrees Fahrenheit. The beachside beverage is then poured into the ice-cold bottle.

Beachside servers have sold 265 frozen bottles an hour on average, according to Coca-Cola’s website, which describes the new bottle as “Fria hasta la ultima gota,” or “Cold to the last drop.”


The chilly product is available exclusively in Colombia for now.

It is not confirmed if and when it might be available in Costa Rica!

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