The Costa Rica coffee harvest will fall by 11% in the current collection period (2018-2019) compared to the 2017-2018 period, according to the figures by the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica (Icafé).

For the harvesting seasons that is currently underway and will be end around April next year, a total production of 1,802,304 bushels (fanegas in Spanish) of grain in fruit is foreseen. This figure is the second estimate of the harvest of this period carried out by the Icafé last September.

In the 2017-2018 harvest season a total of 2,017,935 fanegas were picked.

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The executive director of Icafé, Xinia Chaves, explained that traditionally the ups and downs of the Costa Rican coffee crop are explained by the cyclical behavior of the plantations, that is to say, that one year they have a strong production and the following year they decrease in view of the recharge suffered.

Chaves added, that the impact of the aging of the plantations had an effect on the decrease of the current period.

In total, the country has 84,133 hectares sown with coffee, which are in the hands of 41,339 producing families, according to an infographic issued by Icafé.

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