– Colombia’s police have launched an application called ‘Protectio’ that allows parents to monitor their children’s internet browsing and to alert websites and chat rooms that pose a threat to minors.

The app, released on Monday to commemorate Colombian Children’s day, was developed by researchers at the Police Cyber Center, who have “identified the classic behavioral traits used by cyber-criminals to deceive minors,” Commander of Computer Security, William Bautista, told Colombian newspaper El Universal.

According to the Commissioner of Police, General Rodolfo Palomino, the app detects over 4,000 words and phrases that are most commonly used in cases of bullying or pedophilia.

The police chief explained that if phrases like “are you alone?” or “give me your phone number” as well as words like “undressed” were mentioned in a conversation, the app immediately “generates an email alert for parents” that includes a photograph of what appears on the computer screen, and the details of the specific website visited.

Parents can also enter family information, such as house addresses and car license plate numbers, into the application’s database which will restrict a child from typing such information to anyone online.

“Protectio” is free to download from the national police website and is compatible with desktop computers, where it can be configured depending on the family’s specific needs. The app offers parents 24 hour access to contact with police psychologists and experts. These experts are available to answer questions about child pornography bullying.

According to Caracol Radio, the Colombian police have detected and blocked 2,500 web addresses with explicit sexual content so far this year.

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