The sale of POPS ice cream to Colombia’s Nutresa was confirmed on Friday in a deal that is valued at US$110 million dollars.

There had been rumours that the Colombian company, part of the 25 companies that make up the Multi – Latin Index of Latin Trade Magazine – was looking to buypops American Franchising Corp (AFC), a 100% Costa Rica company, with head office in Pamana.

AFC has some 180 retail outlets in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Miami, Florida.

The sale also includes the ice cream manufacturing plant, the Entrepans coffee shops and the distribution rights of Haagen Daz and General Mills products, Nature Valley, Betty Crocker and Chex Mix brands.

Carlos Abréu, presient of AFC, confirmed that the Colombians will take over operations starting on January 1, 2013.

Among the brands owned by Nutresa are Choys, Chokoito, Tutto, Chocobars, Cocoa Dulce, Merendina, Tosh, Chiky and Bokitas.

This year Colombians acquisitions in Costa Rica and Central America include the banking operations of BAC by Grupo Villa and HSBC by Davidienda.

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