The Colombian coach, Jorge Luis Pinto, who took Costa Rica’s national team to a new in the World Cup 2104 in Brazil, and then fired, will be back again in Costa Rica later this month.

Will Pinto (bags in hand arriving at the San Jose airport) be back to coach the national team? One never knows. Photo Jose Cordero / Archives

Though if he will be hired back to coach La Seleccion is still in the air, one never knows, Pinto was hired by Linafa, the third level of Costa Rica soccer pyramid, to give a seminar to trainers.

The seminar will be on Friday 24 and Saturday 25, from 9 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, at the Costa Rica Tennis Club in San José.

Among the subjects that the ‘cafetero’ will be touching on are the new soccer training tactics, the analysis of Costa Rica team in the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the tactical behaviors of France in Russia 2018. In total there will be 10 different topics.

Juan Carlos Román, president of Linafa, explained that this meeting is a motivation for all the coaches of the amateur league with the idea of updating them on topics related to soccer techniques and tactics, and what better than with Pinto, a highly respected coach in the country.

Though the Linafa seminar is for its coaches, it is open to the public. Those interested should call 2589 1460 or write to the inbox of Facebook Linafa CR (Official Site).

Entrance has a cost of ¢35,000 colones for trainers affiliated to Linafa or ¢45,000 colones for everyone else. That cost includes lunch and a coffee.

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