In Costa Rica, producers of buffalo, rabbit and lamb meat sell their products through restaurants and some supermarkets, in response to growth in consumption which has been noted in recent years.

Source: Asobúfalo Costa Rica

The sophistication of consumption, hand in hand with a greater diversification in the gastronomic supply at restaurants has been pushing up demand for nontraditional meats, such as rabbit, buffalo and lamb. reports that “…Today, the key customers of non-traditional red meats are supermarkets: Auto Mercado, Mas x Menos and Muñoz & Nanne stand out among the intermediaries who make these options available to Costa Rican tables. Alvaro Castro Ramírez, manager of the National Program for Minor Species at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), affirmed that a new culture for consumption based around the lamb is being generated.”

“… According to projections made by the MAG for EF, in 2017 500,474 kilos of lamb meat will have been produced, but by 2018 Costa Rica will produce 780,750 kilos (56% more). In the case of buffalo meat, Álvaro Salas, from the Costa Rican Association of Buffalo Breeders (Asobúfalo), said that there has been an increase in production, both in the number of animals and in the number of people engaged in the activity, in the sale of meat and in the demand for by-products.”

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