The National Telecommunications Fund plans to develop seven projects in the areas of education, social welfare, health and homes, which will be connected for the first time with the internet and telephone serves.

According to the Telecommunications Superintendency (Sutel), there are a total of 477 schools, 78 colleges, 155 Ebais (health centres), 25 Cecis and 70 CEN- CINAI which will be connected with a speed of 4 megabytes.

In addition, the Sutel said the project for Siquirres will be put out to tender on May 30, “on the same day operators will be consulted on the tenders for projects in Pococí La Roxana and the Northern Zone in towns like Guatuso Upala, Los Chiles, San Carlos and Sarapiqui “.

“The tender for the project in Limón closes on June 21 and is expected to be awarded next July 10, observations from operators on the project in La Roxana in Pococí must be received by June 28th and the contest will be released on July 10 for award on August 14, while the Superintendency will receive comments from the projects in the Northern Zone on July 19 to bring them to contest the August 1st and will award them on October 1st”, noted an article in

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