FIFA President Joseph Blatter, with his hands up in disgust.
FIFA President Joseph Blatter, with his hands up in disgust.

QMENTIRAS – The Netherlands was notified only minutes ago of their their disqualification from the World Cup 2014, this after a long session of FIFA officials, president by president Joseph Blatter.

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It is inspired from a report in that has gone viral on the social media.

[/su_pullquote]Blatter explained that, according to an official FIFA report Netherland was being penalized for “unsportsmanlike practices” that are not permitted in World Cup play.

“In the first instance, seven players on the Netherland team used shorts 4cm shorter than regulation, this led to some countries cutting transmission due to provocative content considered offensive to women and in the second instance, it was learned that the replacement goalie, though being born and raised in the country, his legal status in the country is being questioned, the FIFA is investigating the possibility that he may really be a Swiss national,” said Suleiman Wolf, spokesperson for the FIFA.

Given the situation, the FIFA was obligated to strip the Netherland of their win.

The Netherland charge that the FIFA decision is motivated by greed, having lost television and advertising revenue.

Costa Rica’s coach Jorge Luis Pinto was duly notified, said Wolf and they the Ticos will be taking part in the next round of play.

“I knew something was off, I could see the women in the stands staring at the Dutch players and thought the goalie was speaking with an accent, but since I don’t speak Dutch or Swiss, I couldn’t really tell the difference. I am happy that officials of the FIFA could,” said Pinto.

Source: El DeForma,

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